Today's retail environment faces many challenges. Constant advancements are necessary, not only to survive in today's world, but to progressively grow stronger and move ahead of the competition. By sharing their needs with POS Unlimited, our clients gain technologies and knowledge that specifically enhance and improve their day-to-day operations. Our never-failing customer support provides critical solutions that avoid interruptions in everyday operations.

To our business owners & decision makers

At POS Unlimited, we excel in field research and development for all businesses within the retail industry. In the past 2 decades, our team has worked strenuously to provide our clients with cutting edge solutions for their businesses. By working closely together with our clients, we were able to consistently provide high quality hands on customer support. As a result of our hard work and dedication, our brand recognition has grown tremendously over the past several years. We remain faithful to our clients by promising to continue to pursue the latest technology available to help keep them several steps ahead of the competitions.


Our Ethos

I believe POS Unlimited is a special company. It is a company of people who are proud of their past and excited about their future. Above all, it is a company defined by the character and passion of its people. Even after 2 decades in the ever changing point of sale technology business, we continue to remain dedicated to the business owners who want to reach the next level. We want to empower you with the capability to improve productivity in your business performance, and as your business grows, so will the solution.


Our Slogan

At POS Unlimited, "Your Success. Our Technology." is our motto. We believe success comes from many different avenues. Let us be your first step in making the move to succeed by adapting our technology and service. 

POS Unlimited is a group of people who are dedicated to provide top notch technology solutions in retail industry.

Founded in 1999, POS Unlimited was established by three passionate MBAs. Since then, it has evolved.....

Titles don't tell everything about us but they do show that we have been working hard to achieve them.