Who We Are.....What We Do.....

We are a group of people who are passionate about what we do. Yes.. we are the experts in Point Of Sale solutions especially in the retail industry. Our motto is "Your Success. Our Technology." We believe our technology solutions do significant roles to our clients' paths to their success in retail business. Find out how we started, what we are up to now, and the direction of our future.  

The beginning

Founded in 1999, POS Unlimited was established by three passionate MBAs. Since then, it has evolved into a technology company focused on retail automation. The company’s structure is maintained through our five core departments: sales and marketing, technical support, implementation, development, and administration. Each one of our employees handle a big part in sustaining the success that we have obtained over the last decades.


The present

Now, almost 2 decades later, we are continuously upgrading our system to match the needs of our customers. Within the last 10 years, POS Unlimited has become fully focused in developing hands on solutions for the targetted vertical markets. In 2005, our company received the “Special Recognition Award” from Microsoft as a result of our successful vertical solution development. All of our employees are trained to have extensive knowledge and experience in the retail industry, as well as full knowledge of POS system implementation in over 500 retail stores in the US and Canada.


The future

Through hard work and success in the past, POS Unlimited has come from the ground floor to what it is today. POS Unlimited continues to embark upon a new journey to radically change business for retail industry. Our mission is to become the leading full service POS supplier servicing the north America and beyond, providing state–of–the–art business management solutions for our growing clients.


Hello!! Today's retail environment faces many challenges. Constant advancements are necessary, not only to survive 

Founded in 1999, POS Unlimited was established by three passionate MBAs. Since then, it has evolved.....

Titles don't tell everything about us but they do show that we have been working hard to achieve them.